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Offline Marketing Activities

Tuesday, 28/11/23 Daisy Trading

Supporting brands for off-line promotion activities namely booth activities and events

Conduct merchandising service for brands in various sales channel.

Mainly in MT and TT channels nation-wide but mainly in HCMC and Hanoi.

DAISY currently works Asahi Kasei Home Products Co., LTD and ElleairThailand Co., LTD operating in Vietnam. DAISY produces any POSM items to handling PGs(promotion girls) to supermarket chains to local shops for promoting brands to consumers. Furthermore, DAISY also provides services of merchandisers who manage and report shop display and inventory.

Service Provider

  • Conducting PG booth activities (sampling) nation-wide
  • Fixed/Inline PG management
  • PG for events, fairs, and exhibitions
  • PG for grand opening and conferences, receptions
  • PG roadshows, Dance groups

Field Auditing:

  • Check for shop inventory and POSM.
  • Check for any criteria on the field works required by clients including survey.
  • Conduct mystery shoppers to check how your staff work daily.

Creating POSM and Merchandising items:

  • Design & create POSM materials requested from clients timely with competitive price
  • Propose unique items for promotion items to be used

Advice on sales/marketing activities

  • Analytical identify trends from the data acquired from field works.
  • Provide advices on problems/improvements for better performance in future activities