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Character Business

Tuesday, 28/11/23 Daisy Trading

Character Business (Sanrio, Disney, and Mattel)


DAISY started as a distributor of Maruchiu Co., LTD from February 2020 in Vietnam. Most of buyers of major retailers were doubtful about selling Sanrio Characters footwear/sandals because pirated illegal items are sold commonly in the market still. DAISY had to participate many events and pop-up events to prove buyers that Sanrio products can be sold at retailers. 
Currently, DAISY expands its sales coverage to kids’ cloth retailer chain, toy retailer, supermarket, and at a department store in Vietnam over 20 shops. 
Furthermore, DAISY has added DISNEY (Tsum Tsum and Classic) characters and Mattel (Barbie and Hot Wheel) from 2023. With confectionery items, DAISY now expanded its sales network to CVS chain, Book Store chain, Baby shop chain, MT, Kids cloth chain, a Japanese hotel chain, and toy retailer total of over 500 shops and in counting. DAISY plans to participate major events which will have expected visitors of over 50,000 -100,000 people both in Japan Festival (February) and Comic Con (July) in 2023.