Hello Daisy Trading!

Offline Marketing Activities

Supporting brands for off-line promotion activities namely booth activities and events Conduct merchandising service for brands in various sales channel. Mainly in MT and TT channels nation-wide but mainly in HCMC and Hanoi. DAISY currently works Asahi Kasei Home Products Co., LTD and ElleairThailand Co., LTD operating in Vietnam. DAISY produces any POSM items to handling […]

Food purchasing/distributing

Search and discover good manufacturers producing food items made in Vietnam such as chocolate, coffee, dried fruits and others over 200 SKU and directly sell to MUJI Vietnam. Import Tanabiki Seimen brand Somen/Udon noodles for infants from Japan and distribute in Vietnamese market.

Character Business

Character Business (Sanrio, Disney, and Mattel) Overview: DAISY started as a distributor of Maruchiu Co., LTD from February 2020 in Vietnam. Most of buyers of major retailers were doubtful about selling Sanrio Characters footwear/sandals because pirated illegal items are sold commonly in the market still. DAISY had to participate many events and pop-up events to prove buyers […]